Monday, June 11, 2012

New Campus Email System Coming This Fall!

Email moving to Microsoft Outlook
The next generation of email is coming to your email box.

Starting this fall, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange will replace GroupWise, the email system used by nearly all entities on campus. Anyone using a address will retain their current email address, and their GroupWise data will be migrated to Exchange.
The change encompasses The University of Kansas Hospital and its off-campus locations, as well as Mid-America Cardiology; the University of Kansas Medical Center and its KU Wichita Medical Practice Association; and The University of Kansas Physicians.

IT leaders at those organizations say GroupWise was falling behind in a world where integration is vital. “In our business, it’s imperative that our communication systems work together,” said Matthew Fuoco, director of Telecommunications & Networking at the medical center. “Outlook/Exchange gives us that benefit.”  The market leader in business email systems, Outlook/Exchange integrates easily with SharePoint websites, telephone systems (including voice mail) and with outside business partners, including systems on the Lawrence campus.

“It also offers a more reliable and better integrated mobility solution, which is important for users of smart phones and other mobile devices,” said Sean Roberts, the hospital’s systems director of Information Technology.

Many new and enhanced features will be part of this migration including instant messaging, a robust webmail client, and better integration with 3rd party applications.  The migration to Outlook/Exchange is months away, but IT leaders wanted to unveil the plan now, to keep everyone in the loop.

Also, because all email, and calendars will migrate over to Outlook/Exchange, the early heads-up gives you plenty of time to start cleaning out those musty folders and archives that don’t need to make the jump to Outlook/Exchange.

As the migration to the new system nears, watch for many training opportunities as well as continuous online training.

The migration to Outlook/Exchange will be a major undertaking. IT groups at the hospital, the university and UKP will pilot the new system for several weeks, followed by a “big bang” migration weekend – currently slated for late fall.

Even after that weekend, the migration will stretch for several weeks.